Watch Disney Plus with your friends

My Disney Pal is a free extension that allows users to watch videos together on Disney Plus. My Disney Pal synchronizes your videos, implements a chat feature, and adds cool video reactions to improve the experience. Have a Disney Plus Party!

My Disney Pal has been downloaded over 6,000 times and has custom servers running 24/7 to ensure the extension runs smoothly. The extension is constantly being updated to ensure a positive user experience. Download My Disney Pal now and take your Disney Plus experience to the next level!

Install on Chrome

*Only available for users on Desktop/Laptop. Also available on the Microsoft Edge Store

Getting Setup

01. Install My Disney Pal

My Disney Pal is currently available on the Chrome Store and the new Microsoft Edge Store . Click the Install button to be redirected to the appropriate store. Once there click the blue “Add to Chrome” or “Get” button on the Edge Store

After Installing:

Click the puzzle icon in the top right of chrome and pin the extension so you can see it.

02. Open a video in Disney+

Navigate to Disney Plus and sign-in to your account. From there select the video you want the watch

03. Create a room on My Disney Pal

Click the red DP Logo in the top right of your browser to enable the extension. If you don't see the logo you may need to select the puzzle icon and pin the extension first. Check the “Only host has control” button if you don’t want others to control the video. Then click the red “Create a Party” button. You may have to refresh the page after clicking this button if it's your first time using the extension.

Note: The button will appear grayed out if you haven’t navigated to a video.

04. Share your room url

Click the Red Copy button to copy the room url. Share this link with your friends. After installing the extension and navigating to the link, they must click the red DP button in the top right to activate the extension and join the party. If they do not activate the extension they will not join the room.

05. Enjoy!

Now you and an unlimited number of friends can watch the video together. Try out some of the cool features like “Overlay Chat” to make the sidebar see-through. Also try out the video reactions to send cool emojis onto everyone else's screen. Clicking the “Show Reactions” button in the menu will toggle this feature if you don’t want to see others reactions. If you enjoy the extension please follow the developer and consider supporting the Patreon . You can also review the extension on the appropriate web store.


01. How much does My Disney Pal Cost

My Disney Pal is the best chrome extension for Disney Plus. The extension is completely free for all users to enjoy but costs money for the developer to maintain. If you enjoy the extension please follow the developer instagram and consider supporting the Patreon.

02. Do all users need a Disney Plus Account?

Yes. Everyone must sign into an account on Disney Plus in order to use the extension

03. How many Users can be in one room?

There is no limit to the number of users that can join a room

04. How long do the rooms last?

Rooms may automatically be closed after 12 hours but a new one can always be started.

05. I clicked my friends url but nothing happened

Make sure that you have the correct extension installed and click the red DP button to join the room after navigating to the link they sent you

06. Who made the extension?

My Disney Pal was developed by Seth Setse

07. I installed the extension but can't find it

Click the puzzle icon in the top right of chrome and pin the extension.

08. What is Large Room Mode

Large room Mode is a new feature for room hosters. It disables messages when users join and leave, messages when users are typing and buffering and disables video reactions. Perfect for those hosting large events.

Contact info


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